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Residence Life

A great way to immerse yourself in the college experience is to live on campus. Studies show that those who live on campus are more likely to develop close relationships with other students, engage with faculty, perform better academically and have overall higher satisfaction with their college experience.

When you ask alumni about their college experience, they tell stories of friends that were made in the residence halls, experiences that occurred around campus or times of major growth that often happened in the formative environment of living on-campus.


All full-time first-, second- or third-year students are required to live in campus housing unless you meet the following criteria.

  • 22 years old or older
  • Live with parents/legal guardians within 25 miles of campus
  • Married
  • Veteran
  • Independent of all parental financial support for tax purposes
  • Parents

All students residing on campus are required to purchase a board plan.

If you are enrolled part-time you are not allowed to live on campus.

Ataysha Fininen

I would describe the LR community as diverse and very inclusive; everyone has the opportunity to be involved in anything that they want to since there are so many different clubs and organizations.

Ataysha Fininen '22, Psychology

New Student Housing Process

As an incoming student, you will receive an email from the Residence Life Office once you have established a valid LR email address. The email will contain a link to complete the first-year or transfer housing application.

This application needs to be completed by all incoming students, even if you are planning to live off-campus. You may use this application to request a particular roommate.

Housing confirmations will be emailed to all students in early July.

Housing Contracts

The residence hall contract obligates you to live in the residence hall for the entire academic year, or if entered into after the start of the fall semester, for the remainder of the academic year. Summer term is regarded as a separate agreement.

Our contract is for campus housing and not for a particular accommodation, room, hall or roommate; however, consideration is given to preferences and requests. We reserve the right to assign roommates and/or to change room or hall assignments, including consolidation of occupancy as spaces are vacated.

  • Deposit

    A residence hall damage deposit of $200 will be assessed with the fall semester's billing. This deposit is refundable after you cease to rent a room on campus, pending any damage charges that may have accumulated.

  • Termination of the Contract

    If for any reason enrollment at LR is terminated during an academic term, you must vacate the assigned room and residence hall within 24 hours. Violations of residence hall or LR policies are considered sufficient grounds for immediate termination of the contract.

  • Cancellation of the Contract

    If you are not required to live on campus or not enrolling in LR, you must notify Residence Life in writing by June 30 to cancel this agreement. Contracts canceled between June 30 and August 1 will be assessed a $200 fine. Contracts canceled after August 1 or during the academic year will be assessed a $600 fine.

  • Room Changes

    If you would like to move to a new room, you must follow procedures and the change must be approved by Residence Life. Making an improper room change is subject to a fine, and you may be requested to return to the appropriate assigned room.

    If you are living alone in a double room, we reserve the right to assign a second occupant to that room or to charge you a single occupancy fee. If one of the occupants of a room moves out or fails to enter LR as planned, the remaining occupant must:

    • Accept another roommate, if there is one to assign
    • Select a new roommate from the same Residence Hall who also does not have a roommate
    • Move into a new room in the same Residence Hall with a student who also does not have a roommate
    • Pay the additional cost to keep the room as a single room (this option may not be available)

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